Rihanna Belts Out ‘We Are The Champions’ In Celebration Of The Lakers’ NBA Title

LeBron James is arguably the best player in basketball right now (and perhaps ever, depending on where your allegiances lie in the forever-ongoing Jordan vs. LeBron debate). Naturally, then, he has a ton of fans, but perhaps no celebrity supporter is an enthusiastic as Rihanna; She cheered so loudly for the baller during the 2015 NBA Finals that the Warriors owner had to relocate. Now that LeBron is in Los Angeles, Rihanna rocks the purple and gold, so she was pretty pumped when the Lakers closed out their series against the Miami Heat and came away with the 2020 title.

On Instagram, Rihanna shared a video of her and some friends at a tailgating party, complete with an RV, portable grill, and Lakers gear. Queen’s timeless victory anthem “We Are The Champions” is playing, and Rihanna and her cohorts sing and dance along to the track. Rihanna, wearing torn jeans and a Kobe Bryant jersey, takes time to bid farewell to Miami (who she supported during LeBron’s run with the team) and use a traffic cone to amplify her Queen cover.

Rihanna captioned her post, “if you ain’t on this time right now…bye. Lebron remains king, Lakers are the champs, and Kobe is proud. A.D thank you! #[trophy emoji] #Congratulations.”

Check out the video below.