Robin Pecknold Gave Fans A Sneak Peek At Some New Fleet Foxes Music

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Forward ! (Very very demos happy new year)

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I guess we’ve got another album to add to our list of most anticipated 2019 releases. On New Year’s Eve, Fleet Foxes‘ Robin Pecknold shared some snippets of new music to his Instagram.

The clips are pretty short, so it’s hard to make any conjectures about what the album will sound like. But judging from the few seconds of audio, we can expect more anthemic, fastidiously crafted folk-rock. 2017’s Crack Up, Fleet Foxes’ first album in six years, saw the band embracing a more multilayered sound compared to their plaintive earlier work. If Pecknold is tinkering away at new tunes while everyone else is out on New Year’s Eve, the band’s fourth album is sure to be another work of perfectionistic genius.

Along with the video, Pecknold posted a message toasting the new year and new tunes: “Forward ! (Very very demos happy new year).” The singer-songwriter hasn’t shared any official news regarding a release date yet, but in 2016 Pecknold said that LP4 would be released “within 24 months of LP3 according to contract.” It’s been a while, but if that’s true, we should expect to hear the full versions of these demos by June.

Hear the snippets of new music on Robin Pecknold’s Instagram above.