Listen To Run The Jewels’ Chaotic ‘Venom’ Soundtrack Contribution, ‘Let’s Go (The Royal We)’

In FilmDrunk’s Venom review, the superhero film is described as an anachronism, a 2003 example of the genre unceremoniously dumped into the modern, post-Avengers age. There’s one thing that sets it apart though: The end credits are soundtracked by none other than the futuristic — and very 2018 — sounds of Run The Jewels and their hectic single, “Let’s Go (The Royal We).”

It’s the perfect song for a superhero flick of old, chaotic and loud and aggressive, with Killer Mike and El-P trading menacing bars over a monstrous beat that sound like a urban disaster, complete with air raid sirens and paranoid, skittering synths. It’s truly the best part of the movie or its soundtrack, which also includes Pusha T’s “No Problem” and Eminem’s “Venom.”

Run The Jewels recently performed at Adult Swim’s inaugural Adult Swim Festival in LA alongside funk producer Flying Lotus and metal band Mastodon. The duo has had a strong working relationship with the network, even getting the cartoon pair Rick and Morty to appear in their recent video for “Oh Mama.” Of course, that hasn’t stopped fans from clamoring for the follow-up to their most recent album, Run The Jewels 3, which hasn’t even been announced yet. When it is, expect even more superheroic rhyme feats from the outspoken rap duo.