Russ Celebrates His Birthday By Releasing The Feel-Good ‘ON 10’ With Rexx Life Raj

Russ is back with new music (again). To celebrate his birthday on Thursday, Russ released his third single in as many weeks, “ON 10” with Rexx Life Raj, with the single serving as his 10th released song (an album’s worth) for 2019 as well: “I walk in on 10,” Russ said on Twitter. “(Retweet) if you (f*ck with) the new song”

Russ and Rexx Life Raj have worked together extensively in the past, and they don’t disappoint this time on “ON 10.” The latest offering is a feel-good, high-off-life track that falls right in line with its release date, Russ’ birthday.

“I walk in on 10, I’m gassed up,” Russ says on the chorus. “Mix that with the Hen’, I act up / Think God, say Amen; I’m bracked up / No, we can’t be friends, just back up.”

“ON 10” comes on the heels of “Rent Free” and “Summer at 7” for Russ. The rapper’s album will be out soon. Russ’ last album Zoo was released almost a year ago to the day, peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard 200. Outside of music, Russ is writing a self-help book, while also explaining to fellow rappers how to make millions.

Check out the review for Russ’ EP, released a few months after Zoo, here.

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