(Sandy) Alex G Goes To The Demolition Rally In The Video For His Psychedelic New Single, ‘Gretel’

Tonje Thilesen

Few artists could survive a mid-career name change and still remain just as beloved and well-known as they were before, but (Sandy) Alex G is in a category all his own. Alex Giannascoli — who changed his performing name in 2017 due to a legal conflict with another artist — has been a fixture in the east coast DIY rock scene for many years now, and shared the news today of yet another new album. Now known as (Sandy) Alex G, this marks his second album with the parenthetical addition.

His new body of work is titled House Of Sugar, and will be the Philadelphian’s ninth overall record and third album released in partnership with Domino Records. House Of Sugar is slated for release later this fall, on 9/13, and is preceded today by the psychedelic lead single “Gretel” and its colorful video, shot by Zev Magasis, full of footage from car demolition rallies and long walks through green meadows.

Like most of his music, the track is anchored by (Sandy)’s gorgeous guitar-playing, which caught the attention of artists like Frank Ocean, who featured work from Alex G on his culture-shifting 2016 album Blonde. Watch the video for “Gretel” above and look for much more new music coming out before House Of Sugar drops this September.

House Of Sugar is out 9/13 via Domino Records. Pre-order it here.