McDonald’s Shared Some Bizarre ‘Menu Hacks’ And Fans Are Blaming Saweetie

Saweetie’s McDonald’s Meal is long-gone, but that isn’t stopping fans from continuing to associate the two brands after the fast-food giant shared a list of odd “menu hacks” on Twitter. The “Best Friend” rapper’s appetite for unusual snacks has become near-legendary after her social media posts pairing such odd combinations as ranch and spaghetti and devouring impressively amalgamated burgers stuffed like turduckens with fries and other accouterments. So, it makes sense that upon seeing mutant menu items like Hash Brown McMuffins and whatever the heck a “Surf+Turf” burger is, fans would immediately start in with the Saweetie jokes.

“Honestly this is what I expected the Saweetie meal to be,” cracked more than one account upon seeing the new graphic. Another snarked that “McDonald’s took all of Saweetie’s pitches during her one day as CEO.” Even Saweetie’s own stan accounts couldn’t resist getting in on the fun. “Saweetie inspired meals,” wrote @IcyGrlUpdates, adding a signature snowflake emoji.

Truthfully, it’s probably not a bad thing that Saweetie is the first person people think of when they see odd food combinations… That’s called “brand saturation.” If weird food is going to be part of your identity, I say own it. After all, there are way worse things to be known for. Besides, with Saweetie’s debut album Pretty B*tch Music still somewhere over the horizon, she’ll need people talking about her as much as possible to ensure her success continues.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.