Saweetie Says Her ‘Pretty B*tch Music’ Album Is Done And Deserves To Be Taken Seriously

Saweetie’s long-awaited debut album Pretty B*tch Music has been in the works for several years. It was originally set for a June release, but was pushed back after speaking to Cher gave Saweetie an epiphany about her sound — not to mention that she has her hands full with McDonald’s and Tesla partnerships. But, according to the rapper, the album is now complete and deserves to be taken seriously.

Saweetie recently sat down with HollywoodLife to discuss her new McDonald’s partnership, which includes some of her infamous food concoctions. The rapper also spilled some details about Pretty B*tch Music, which she said she traveled all the way to Paris to finish:

“I went to Paris to finish my album [and] now I’m just living with it to ensure it’s perfect. A new album is something serious. I need to know that when I release this kid of mine because as artists we feel our products are our babies, that no matter what anybody says, I’ll know that it’s my best work. I’m really challenging myself and I just want to ensure that I put out a body of work that [will] symbolize art.”

Read Saweetie’s full HollywoodLife interview here.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. .