Saweetie Tells Us About Her Hard-Hitting Remix Featuring Post Malone, DaBaby, And Jack Harlow

Earlier this week Saweetie announced that a remix to “Tap In” was on the way with fresh verses from DaBaby, Jack Harlow, and another special guest who has now been unveiled as multi-platinum musician Post Malone.

While DaBaby and Jack Harlow’s bars play over Dr. Luke production and a Too Short “Blow The Whistle” sample, Posty takes the song into an entirely different direction that allows for him to comfortably add his signature melodic touch.

In an exclusive interview with Uproxx, Saweetie explained why she chose Post Malone, Jack Harlow and DaBaby to be on the remix for “Tap In.”

“‘Tap In’ is such a Bay Area anthem and I already did an all-girl anthem for the ‘My Type’ remix,” Saweetie said. “I come from a family that’s predominantly men and I wanted to put on for the boys in my family as well. It’s a woman’s anthem but I wanted something for the guys to get they bop on to or get they dance on to.”

Speaking of dance, fans can look forward to a video for the remix of “Tap In,” featuring Saweetie taking it back to her days on the Aztec Diamonds drill team at San Diego State University. Back in July, she posted a throwback clip of her dancing during a game hinting that she just might do it again.

“For the concept of the video I wanted to do something that I used to do in college,” she said of the “Tap In” remix’s forthcoming visual. “I used to be on the majorette drill team and it really opened my eyes to the dance world. I love to dance and I wanted to make a special content video for the ‘Tap In’ remix which is why I went back to my dancing roots.”

The dance took her four days to learn so make sure to tap in to the video when it comes out, too. And for fans wondering where Saweetie’s next project is, she gave us an update for that too: “The status of ‘Pretty B*tch Music’ is, working.”

Listen to Saweetie’s “Tap In” remix featuring Post Malone, DaBaby and Jack Harlow above.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.