ScHoolboy Q Shared TDE’s Updated Studio Rules, Which Include A Strict Aside About His Weed

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Apparently, SchoolBoy Q thought today was a good time to prepare any potential studio guests for life at TDE. The Blankface MC took to Snapchat to re-post the hilarious rules guests must abide by when partaking in a session with the crew. The rules are cleverly tiered to make sure that only the homies are even considered to get on the other side of the door. Guests have no choice but to heed the all-caps warning that if you ain’t the homie, you might as well chalk it up and take a photo outside or something.

Those cool enough to kick it still have a set of guidelines, which can basically be paraphrased as shut up, sit still and laugh at the homies roasting you for being “ugly” — even if you don’t want to. From a no social media rule (unless you’re the homie) to making sure Q has a dictatorship on the weed, the crew seems to have it all covered.

Who knows how many people killed the vibe before these rules had to go up, or who might have recently messed up and made Schoolboy repost these rules (that were originally shared by engineer MixedByAli in 2013), but we’re lucky to see the optimal conditions that TDE’s artists require.

Some may find them a little gruff, particularly the sit there and deal with getting clowned part, but TDE is full of a bunch of bloods and crips somehow co-existing for the greater good. Don’t be the one to mess up the creative juices and get the tips.