Shamir Almost Quit Music This Weekend, But Dropped A Surprise New Album Instead

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Although Shamir released one of 2015’s most engaging albums in Ratchet, it turns out that his burgeoning career hasn’t been that easy for him. He’s been successful, yes, but the industry has worn him down to the point that this weekend, he nearly quit music altogether.

This morning, he released a surprise album, Hope, which he says he started and finished over the past few days, alone in his bedroom as he contemplated retirement. He posted the 10-track record on Soundcloud this morning, and made it available as a free MP3 download. Shamir wrote that the album was created during a period of great vulnerability, and that it was has way of combining pop, outsider music, and lo-fi music:

I was gonna quit music this weekend. From day 1 it was clear I was an accidental pop star. I loved the idea of it, I mean who doesn’t? Still the wear of staying polished with how I’m presented and how my music was presented took a huge toll on me mentally. I started to hate music, the thing I loved the most! When I would listen to immaculate recordings with my friends their praise over the quality of the art as opposed to the art itself made me feel really sad for music as a medium in general. My music only feels exciting for me if its in the moment, and thats what this album is. I made this album this past weekend stuck in my room with just a 4 track feeling hopeless about my love for music. I’m not gonna lie, this album is hard to listen to, but it was even harder for me to share. I love pop music, I love outsider music, and i love lofi music, this is my way of combining all 3. Anyway I played, wrote, produced, and mixed everything and big thanks to Kieran Ferris for mastering an album with an hours notice! its free! Enjoy! Love Yall! Still more 2 come!!!!!!!

Stylistically, Hope is a departure from the polished pop sound of Ratchet, borrowing more from his high school punk band Anorexia than his recent output. Whether or not you’re into it, the good news is that “Still more 2 come!!!!!!!” sure makes it sound like he haven’t heard the last of Shamir. We’re glad you’re feeling good enough to stick around, Shamir, because the musical landscape would be a lot less colorful without you.

Listen to Hope and find the album’s tracklist below.

1. “Hope”
2. “What Else”
3. “Ignore Everything”
4. “Tom Kelly”
5. “Easier”
6. “Like A Bird”
7. “One More Time Won’t Kill You”
8. “I Fucking Hate You”
9. “Rain (Blake Babies Cover)”
10. “Bleed It Out”