Sharon Stone Wore A ‘Gladiator’ Prop And Fans Think She’s An MF Doom Fan

Like many celebrities, Sharon Stone has been active on social media during quarantine, and she decided to spend her Sunday channeling a hip-hop legend — or so some thought. In a new picture shared on her Twitter page, the actress is shown poolside with her dog and a couple of friends. But it’s what was on her head that caught the attention of social media.

In the image, Stone rocks a silver helmet from the film Gladiator — an unusual choice for staying safe while quarantining in the sun. A number of people online thought it looked familiar. Specifically, they thought it looked an awful lot like the headgear perennially worn by legendary rapper MF Doom, aka Daniel Dumile — a mask that channels his semi-namesake, Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom, and which Dumile has long worn in public to obscure his face.

Some even jokingly wondered if the Basic Instinct star was in fact MF Doom himself all along. Brooklyn-based record label Ghostly cracked that he was booking Stone/MF Doom for his nephew’s pool party, while another said Stone is a fan of the onetime KMD member is further evidence that 2020 has been incredibly surreal. Fantastic Four and Capone director Josh Trank even chimed in with a comment, saying, “2020: Sharon Stone dons MF DOOM mask.”