Sky Ferreira Introduces New Album ‘Masochism’ By Art Directing Her Own ‘Playboy’ Cover

Remember earlier this summer when LA Weekly published a weirdly sexual and misogynistic essay about Sky Ferreira that was quickly met with scathing backlash from the rest of the community? So much so that they were forced to issue a response to the criticism? Well, it looks like Sky Ferreira does too — but she’s definitely not the type to let anyone stop her from doing exactly what she wants.

In a move that can’t help but feel like a middle finger to that dude, Sky Ferreira decided to introduce her new album Masochism via a photo spread and cover story in Playboy. She announced the news via Instagram in a series of posts:

She will cover the October issue of Playboy (dubbed “The Renegades Issue”) and pointed out on Instagram that she’s the first-ever bunny to art direct her own shoot.

“I am the first bunny ever to be a creative collaborator & creative/art direct. I produced & directed all of the content. It is the first introduction to #Masochism (visually). My best friend Sandy Kim shot the photos & Bruce Dern did the interview.”

That interview is up now and it’s far from conventional. Dern’s piece contains very little in the way of questions, instead allowing Ferreira to expound on her truly odd backstory as someone who attempted to break into a pop career many times throughout her teens.

Here’s an excerpt to give you a taste:

Do you have a feeling that the people surrounding you in your career dream the same dream for you? That’s essential.
I’ve had a lot of people who pretended to but didn’t. Even when I was 15 years old, going by myself to meetings with Sony or some other place, they’d be like, ‘Little girl, you don’t know what you’re talking about.’ But they kept wanting to get my music from me. There’s this entire ‘shut up and be pretty’ mentality.”

The package also includes a fairly spooky clip that isn’t technically NSFW, but it does have that bunny logo in the corner. So maybe be conscious of where you are when you press play.

[protected-iframe id=”0501fd73c99694165ad921af3699a1d1-60970621-76566046″ info=”//” width=”640″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

This shoot is just another example of Ferreira taking ownership of her own body. In a society that routinely dehumanizes and fetishizes the naked female form, Ferreira continues to challenge that with decisions like this one, her appearance in GQ Style and the cover art for her last album Night Time, My Time.