Watch Slash And The School Of Rock Tear Through ‘Paradise City’ And ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

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Slash is busy. Guns n’ Roses are currently on a reunion tour featuring pretty much the entire original lineup, but somehow the iconic guitarist has taken the time for a surprise visit to Broadway’s School of Rock. Imagine being these kids. Beyond being virtuoso prodigies (can you be both?), they’re hanging out, practicing their Guns n’ Roses songs for their Broadway show, when Slash, the man who wrote the very riffs they’re playing, walks up in his hat and just joins in. That hat is probably older than they are.

And the best part — singer Bobbi MacKenzie just kept on singing through ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’ without ever realizing Slash was there, enjoying the moment like the tattooed rock god he is. Her reaction was priceless:

But, you know, that’s just Slash. He’s always just appearing out of nowhere. It comes with the territory of being a mythical, guitar-shredding beast whose eyes have never been seen. Slash seemed to enjoy the surprise, too.

“It was really cool to meet such an enthusiastic and talented bunch of young rock ‘n’ rollers. They were great kids as well as players.”

Those kids were all born while Guns n’ Roses/Axl Rose was working on Chinese Democracy. Think about that. Time is weird.

(Via Rolling Stone)