Snoop Dogg Responds To Backlash Over His ‘WAP’ Criticism: ‘Stop With The Bullsh*t’

You know Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’sWAP” is a major cultural force because the song was released back in August and people are still talking about it months later. Recently, for example, Snoop Dogg shared his thoughts, saying that he’s in favor of a more modest approach to lyricism: “Let’s have some imagination. Let’s have some privacy, some intimacy where he wants to find out as opposed to you telling him.” Snoop received some backlash for his comments, and now he has offered a retort.

In an Instagram post from yesterday, he pleaded for the “bullsh*t press” to stop because he loves Cardi and Meg and female rappers in general. He wrote, “Stop wit the bullsh*t press I love Cardi b and Meg. Music period point blank and they know that I’m n full support of the female. M. C. Movement so stop trying to make me a hater. U.F.D.H.B. Now carry on Before u get this. L.A. D. [laughing emoji]. That song 6xs platinum talk about that.”

This comes after Offset shared his thoughts about Snoop’s comments with TMZ, saying, “I really f*ck with Snoop, like, on a personal level. So, I could personally call him and be like, ‘Snoop, come on now.’ I don’t wanna seem like I’m dissing at Snoop, that’s my boy. But, at the same time, all men should stay out of women business. That’s women business. You ain’t gon’ have no win. Your comments probably looking crazy from just saying stuff like that. Stay outta women business. Women are strong now. We should uplift our women. Don’t say what they can and can’t do.”

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