Sophie’s Faceshopping’ Collab With Cecile Is A Wonky, Muscular Move For The Pop Provocateur

Pop provocateur Sophie is back with “Faceshopping,” her third recently released single since she released “It’s Okay To Cry” last October. You can hear the new song above.

Unlike the balladry of “It’s Okay To Cry,” “Faceshopping” is more in line with what we’ve heard from Sophie in the past, with its scattered, tectonic beat, which leaps forward in grimey, muscular movements. Guest vocalist Cecile Believe really shines here, harnessing the menacing threat of SOPHIE’s beat with a confident coo of a vocal performance, occasionally rising to meet the force of the production with her own soulful projection.

In a press release, the artist didn’t have much to say about the track save for:

“It’s real!
I’m real when I shop my face!”

Though she did add that the song was “created with my darling of inspiration” Cecile Believe, which might suggest we can expect more from the duo in the future if the inspiration proves fruitful.

Believe is better known to most as Mozart’s Sister (aka Caila Thompson-Hannant), and has released two full-length albums along with a handful of EPs. The then-Montréal-based artist Thompson-Hannant rose to sudden popularity in 2011 with the catchy “Don’t Leave It To Me.”

Back in December Sophie released the video for “Ponyboy,” a collaboration with the performance duo Fluct from Red Bull Music Academy’s LA Festival Open Beta Series.

Fluct, along with Cecile Believe, joined Sophie at her most recent sold our performance in Brooklyn earlier this month.

At this point it’s unclear whether these tracks are from an upcoming album, as no official statement has been made.