Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Watching Soulja Boy Stream Himself Playing ‘Call Of Duty’

As more and more rappers take to Twitch to stream themselves playing video games, one rapper in particular is distinguishing himself as as much of a standout entertainer on the streaming platform as he is a musician. Soulja Boy, whose antics generally make for great viral meme fodder — see: his response to being told Drake is the most influential artist of the 2010s — has been playing Call Of Duty: Warzone on Twitch and clips have filtered their way onto Twitter, where the reaction has been one of hilarity and enjoyment.

The thing that makes him so much fun to watch is his typically exuberant, sort of unhinged reactions to the onscreen action. We’ve all gotten a little bit excited during a particularly rousing round of multiplayer, but Soulja Boy literally screams at the top of his lungs, shouting out his “All Money Gang” and celebrating winning a heart-pumping shootout long after all his enemies have been sent to respawn. Naturally, fans have thoughts, mostly in the realm of bemusement at his overreaction to a fairly typical gaming situation; one fan joked, “Soulja Boy don’t need Call Of Duty,” while another wondered, “Who let this n**** Soulja Boy get on Warzone?”

It seems, though, that most of the reactions are just joy at seeing the now 30-year-old rapper enjoying himself as the world falls apart around us all. At least someone is enjoying something while pandemics rage on and sharks invade the waters of the Los Angeles coastline. Watch Soulja Boy have way too much fun playing video games online above.