Southside Was Arrested For Gun Possession After Being Pulled Over In Miami

808 Mafia producer Southside (real name Joshua Luellen) was arrested in Miami on firearms charges on Sunday, according to NBC Miami. He also received a charge of knowingly driving with a suspended license, which had been suspended since 2019.

Miami police reportedly noticed the “heavily tinted windshield” on his Mercedes-Benz SUV, pulling him over and discovering that the Georgia driver’s license he presented had been suspended for almost two years. The officers also saw two loaded handguns, for which he said he had a concealed carry license. However, concealed carry regulations require firearms to be inside the glovebox or a lockbox inside a vehicle, putting Southside in violation.

The arresting officer is noted as informing Southside of this, saying, “I advised Joshua that he was in violation of his CCW permit by having the firearms within reach and not secured in the glove box or encased in a box inside the vehicle.” A records check showed that this license was also suspended. Southside was booked into Miami-Dade Corrections Center and released on bond for $5,500.

Last week, Southside said that he was “throwing the towel in” on production after the next 808 Mafia project, saying that he wanted to focus on giving opportunities to young, up-and-coming producers instead.