Spoon Share The Rocking ‘No Bullets Spent,’ From Their Upcoming Greatest Hits Album

Oliver Halfin

Spoon have been one of the finest forces in indie rock for nearly three decades now, and the Austin band is one worth celebrating. Well, here’s something to get excited about: The group is coming out with a new greatest hits album, Everything Hits At Once: The Best Of Spoon (out July 26 via Matador Records). The 13-track retrospective also features the new single “No Bullets Spent,” an exciting rocker that further cements the band’s status as a gem that has stood the test of time.

Britt Daniel said that he and the band decided to make a greatest hits album because ones that are well put together can be great, saying, “The idea of doing a best-of came to us a couple times. First I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but at some point I remembered that when I got my first Cure record it was Standing On A Beach. When I got my first New Order record, it was Substance. That was how I met those bands, and I moved backwards from there, but I still listen to those comps. I love a greatest hits LP when it’s done well. It can be a thing unto itself.”

He also said that narrowing down the band’s discography to a few songs was challenging:

“Honestly, it was a struggle. I was listening to the old records and jotting down the songs — if you wanna turn the volume up, that’s a good sign. The list really got whittled down, so these are the best. ‘I Summon You’ was never a huge song, wasn’t for the radio, but it had to be on there. It’s one of the best things we’ve done. I wanted to represent Transference, even though it’s not really a ‘hit’ type of album — ‘Got Nuffin’ was the closest thing. It did get to a point where I started feeling like, ‘We gotta represent this album in some way, we’ve gotta represent this change in some way.’ ‘Everything Hits at Once’ was a turning point for us — a minimal new wave soul type of rock song.'”

Listen to “No Bullets Spent” above, and below, find the digital and physical album art for Everything Hits At Once: The Best Of Spoon, along with the tracklist.


1. “I Turn My Camera On”
2. “Do You”
3. “Don’t You Evah”
4. “Inside Out”
5. “The Way We Get By”
6. “The Underdog”
7. “Hot Thoughts”
8. “I Summon You”
9. “Rent I Pay”
10. “You Got Yr Cherry Bomb”
11. “Got Nuffin”
12. “Everything Hits At Once”
13. “No Bullets Spent”

Everything Hits At Once: The Best Of Spoon is out 07/26 via Matador. Pre-order it here.