Stormzy Is ‘Still Disappointed’ With Wiley As He Drops Another Diss Track

2020 is very rapidly becoming the year of grime beef. Just days after ripping into Wiley with his “Disappointed” video responding to Wiley’s “Eediyat Skengman” diss, Stormzy followed up today with “Still Disappointed” after Wiley shot back with “Eediyat Skengman 2.” In the new video, Stormzy once again grips his coffee mug and spliff to vent his frustrations with the elder UK rapper.

The battle appears to have its roots in Wiley’s needling of frequent Stormzy collaborator Ed Sheeran, as Wiley accused Sheeran of “clout chasing” by employing grime artists and riddims in his music for crossover appeal outside of his usual pop fanbase. While Stormzy stuck up for his mate, Wiley doubled down on his criticism of Sheeran, calling both him and Drake “culture vultures” and prompting Stormzy to release “Wiley Flow,” a homage of sorts that toasted the grime veteran by borrowing cadences he previously employed on his early, mid-2000s mixtapes.

However, Stormzy quickly switched from toasting to roasting when Wiley dropped “Eediyat Skengman,” which bears the subtitle “Stormzy Send.” For those not in the know, “send” is grime slang for a diss track, stemming from the phrase “to send for” someone. Previous to the song, the two traded insults on Twitter, culminating in Wiley sending for Stormzy, titling the track after one of Stormzy’s nicknames for himself “skengman.” “These bumbaclat flows I’m hearing are all my ones,” he complained. “It’s not homage, looking like a sly one.”

It seems like “Still Disappointed” might be the last word though; at the beginning of the track, Stormzy raps, “One more dub than it’s back to business.” As the saying goes, time will tell. Watch “Still Disappointed” above and check out Stormzy’s new album, Heavy Is The Head, out now on Hashtag Merky Music and Atlantic Records UK.

Stormzy is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.