Stormzy Pays Tribute To A Grime Pioneer On His New Song ‘Wiley Flow’

Over the past few months, Stormzy has done everything to suggest that he’s releasing a new album, except for actually announce that he has one on the way. He has released a handful of singles this year after not sharing any in 2018, and now he is back with yet another one: “Wiley Flow.”

As the title suggests, the track pays homage to grime pioneer Wiley, who makes a quick appearance to say in the intro, “Bruv, I didn’t look at it this way before / But as I approach my birthday / All you man are my youngers / You man are my youngers bruv.” As the track goes on, Wiley fans might notice that Stormzy makes use of flows from Wiley’s “Bad ‘Em Up” and “Nightbus Dubplate.”

Stormzy also released a video for the track, and viewers should be aware that it contains flashing lights.

Wiley and Stormzy were involved in a bit of a feud recently, although they weren’t exactly on opposite sides. Wiley accused Ed Sheeran of appropriating grime music following his Stormzy collaboration “Take Me Back To London,” but Stormzy stood up for Sheeran, saying, “No Wiley, you know Ed been doing this from early, can’t question that.” Wiley later doubled down on his accusations and reiterated points he previously made about Drake, saying that the Canadian rapper’s embrace of grime is for self-serving reasons: “He’s not embracing the scene, he’s doing it for himself.”

Watch the video for “Wiley Flow” above.

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