DaBaby And Lil Baby Reunite In Stunna 4 Vegas’ Tongue-In-Cheek ‘Do Dat’ Video

Following in his mentor DaBaby‘s footsteps, Carolina rapper Stunna 4 Vegas adopts a cheeky tone in his hyperactive video for “Do Dat,” which also features DaBaby as well as Quality Control Music member Lil Baby. The sense of humor is evident right off the bat, as the Reel Goats-directed video opens with an unconventional detective running down his theory about how Stunna “got rich in six months,” complete with a conspiracy board, bad Humphrey Bogart impression, and a nose-thumbing reference to two of the rappers’ preference for calling themselves babies.

The video then backtracks to Stunna’s arrival in an obviously moneyed cul-de-sac, with a trio of bike-riding neighborhood kids bugging him for a handout and our detective protagonist sleuthing in the nearby bushes for clues to prove that the rapper is up to no good. Most of the three rappers’ performances take place on the mansion’s porch, while the ongoing narrative depicts Stunna actually instructing his goons to give up their destructive ways in an effort to protect the rap money — a smart decision! Meanwhile, DaBaby — suspected of running a prostitution ring — teaches a women’s self-defense class, something he knows a lot about. Finally, Lil Baby’s suspected drug ring turns out to be distributing rabbit food rather than bags of weed.

Watch Stunna 4 Vegas’ “Do Dat” video with DaBaby and Lil Baby above.