Swae Lee Channels Late Night TV In His Informercial-Inspired ‘Someone Said’ Video

Swae Lee channels late-night television sessions in the hilariously infomercial-inspired video for his new single, “Someone Says.” Directed by Tyler Yee and Swae Lee, the video parodies the sort of programming you find yourself watching at two o’clock in the morning after all the real shows have gone off for the night. Framed by a running narrative of a channel-surfing elderly woman, the video transplants Swae into a number of formats familiar to anyone who’s stayed up way past their bedtime.

The first sequence satirizes the sort of “greatest hits” compilation CDs that get advertised all the time, with Swae playing frontman to a Backstreet Boys-esque boy band, complete with matching, shiny metallic puffer vests and synchronized dance moves. In the next clip, Swae advertises one of those seedy tanning salons, naturally alongside some scantily-clad female models. Then, he’s a Hugh Hefner-esque playboy in a video for an “adults only” phone service, followed by a take on the late, legendary Billy Mays hawking chamois-like towels he uses to shine his watch.

Of course, there’s also a fitness video that promises unrealistic results, a suggestive cooking show, and a religious broadcast with Swae as the exploitative pastor, but it looks like the directors ran out of ideas for late-night concepts because then there’s a court show, and that’s more of a daytime TV sort of thing, right? In any event, stay on the lookout for the Rae Sremmurd member’s upcoming solo album and catch him on tour with Post Malone.

Watch Swae Lee’s “Someone Said” video above.