Swim Good Now’s ‘Daylight’ Features A Whole Host Of Indie Pop Collaborators

Secret Songs

Indie pop singer-producer Jonathan Lawless, BKA Swim Good Now, loves to collaborate (like a dreamy pop version of DJ Khaled, only quieter) and engages that proclivity to the fullest for world-weary posse cut “Daylight.” Consisting of a squad of singers, songwriters, and musicians including Daniela Andrade, Ryan Hemsworth, Lontalius and olli, “Daylight” is the second single from Swim Good Now’s upcoming album after “It Was The Longest Day Ever.” The as-yet-untitled album will be co-produced by Hemsworth and is due in May from Secret Songs.

In the past, Lawless has worked with underground and up-and-coming musicians like Bon Iver, Stars, The Avalanches, and Air France, and now lends that expertise and experience to the intriguing collection of artists above to create a moody, melancholy moment that blends elements of folk with a downtempo, dreamily sentimental ballad. Andrade carries much of the vocal weight, contributing a pair of verses with airy lightness but just enough depth, receiving support from Swim Good Now on the chorus.

The song is the best argument for the ultra-collaborative process of big-name stars like Khaled, Kanye West, Calvin Harris, and Diplo because it proves that it can be scaled down to make strong, simple-sounding but emotive songs like “Daylight” just as effectively as monster, made-for-radio hits like “Top Off.” In a world where it feels like everything is getting too big and brash, it’s the perfect antidote, proving that soft songs still have their place in the viral, everybody-gets-a-piece-of-the-pie, streaming era.