Tayla Parx Breaks Down Her Path From Hit Songwriter To Successful Solo Artist

“The only thing that you need in a hit song is the truth,” Tayla Parx explains to Uproxx in the latest installment of our Honda Backstage series, spotlighting the best and brightest artists in the world. Parx has written so many hit songs that it’s easy to begin her story there, with the massive success of her Ariana Grande co-writes like “Thank U, Next,” “7 Rings,” or even the still-ubiquitous hit “Love Lies” by Khalid and Normani. So yes, Parx has worked with some of the best and brightest talent in the world, but her journey as an artist trying to express herself began, as she puts it, as soon as she learned to talk.

“I think I was singing literally from the moment I could open my mouth,” she says with a laugh, moving from that moment to discuss her experiences as a child actor, getting a tough skin from hearing “no” at hundreds of auditions, and eventually realizing that music mattered to her way more than acting. Still, Parx and her family held off on signing any record contracts — she wanted to learn the business before committing to anyone.

And learn it she did, coming up as a co-writer and figuring out how to connect her experience as an actor — channeling the emotions of another person — with her songwriting techniques. Finally, it was time to take all that experience and use it to release her debut album, We Need To Talk, which came out this past spring. Check out the clip above to hear Tayla tell her story from a newbie songwriter all the way to Tayla Made.