Taylor Swift Consoled A Fan Having A Crisis, Proving She’s Everywhere All The Time

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Quick question for you. Let’s see if you can get it right.

Today in Taylor Swift is an Unstoppable Force of Human Nature News, Taylor did the following:

  1. Rescue a cat from a tree
  2. Save a family from a burning house and manage to save all of their precious heirlooms
  3. Console a despondent fan on Tumblr
  4. Send a note to Donald Trump, asking him to turn it down a notch

I’ll give you a moment to guess.

Did you guess No. 3? Because if you did, you are correct!

On Tumblr, a young lady going by protectingswift expressed some concerns regarding the upcoming school year.

Make these kind of comments on Tumblr and direct them to another pop star, and you probably won’t get much of a response, if any. Send them Drake’s way, and he’ll probably just respond with another diss track about Meek Mill. Send them Katy Perry’s way, and you’ll probably just get her venting her frustrations with the stubborn nuns of California.

But Taylor Swift is no ordinary pop star. She responded to the message, consoling and inspiring the young woman.

It made an impact on the young woman.

She’s already donated money to a fan with leukemia and to a heroic firefighter, and crashed a wedding of Swift fans. What can’t she do? Next, maybe she’ll convince Roger Goodell to leave Tom Brady alone. Stay tuned!

(Via Mashable)