Taylor Swift Didn’t Get The Super Bowl Halftime Show, But She’s Doing The Next Best Thing

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10.04.16 4 Comments

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The Super Bowl is like condensing the spectacle of the Oscars, the musicality of the Grammys, and the tension of the presidential debates into a single event. Of the 20 highest rated broadcasts in TV history, 19 are for various Super Bowls — the one exception: the M*A*S*H series finale, which must make Roger Goodell furious. It goes beyond just the game, too. Every commercial is immediately rated as brilliant or a failure, and the Super Bowl halftime show turns backup dancers into Halloween costumes.

Lady Gaga was recently named the Super Bowl LI halftime show performer, after Adele allegedly declined the NFL’s offer. But what about Taylor Swift? It’s a little odd that arguably the world’s most famous pop star hasn’t performed on the “world’s biggest stage,” until you realize there are forces beyond her control at play. Swift is a spokesperson for Coke; Super Bowl LI’s halftime show is presented by Pepsi, or specifically, the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show (catchy). So, she’s doing the next best thing, playing a pre-show for ATT:

“AT&T signed a major, exclusive multi-year, multi-faceted deal featuring performances and content with 10-time Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Taylor Swift. As part of the deal with AT&T, Taylor Swift will headline AT&T DIRECTV Super Saturday Night in Houston the night before the Big Game. This is the 12th DIRECTV event leading up to the biggest sporting event of the year, and the first time Taylor Swift will perform during the festivities.”

Lady Gaga has to share attention with the Super Bowl at NRG Stadium on Sunday, but Taylor Swift gets all of Houston on Saturday. It’s a real shame Katy Perry wasn’t asked back; I’m sure she has opinions.

That jersey makes it look like Swift’s joining MTV Rock N’ Jock.

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