Tekashi 69’s Lawyer Denies Reports Of The Rapper Overdosing On Diet Pills And Caffeine

Since his early release from prison back in April, Tekashi 69’s moves have been highly-publicized. Staying true to his word, the rapper released his record TattleTales in early September, but that’s not all that has put the rapper in the headlines. Yesterday, reports circulated that Tekashi was rushed to the hospital after he overdosed from ingesting a mixture of caffeine and diet pills, but now the rapper’s lawyers have come forward to dispel the rumors.

While it’s true the rapper was taken to the hospital, Tekashi’s lawyer Lance Lazarro told Vulture that the rapper’s medical complications were not, in fact, due to a mixture of caffeine and diet pills. “He did not overdose,” Lazarro said. “He was treated and released on the same day.”

Original reports surfaced from the social media account The Shade Room, which claimed the rapper had been hospitalized in Florida due to a dangerous mixture of caffeine and Hydroxycut, a popular diet drug. The outlet claimed they had spoken the the rapper directly, who said he was back at home and feeling better than ever — he had even gone for his daily jog. The outlet stated the rapper had taken two Hydroxycut pills, instead of the recommended one per day, and felt his heart rate increase a concerning amount after drinking a McDonald’s coffee.

While Lazarro did not state why Tekashi was taken to the hospital, it seems as though his health was not seriously compromised.