Tekashi 69 And Nicki Minaj Let Their Colorful Hair Fly On The New Single, ‘Trollz’

Tekashi 69 began the week getting ridiculed for an unreleased song as he played a preview of his “Locked Up” remix alongside Akon in his home studio. The backlash would continue into the workweek as Tekashi revealed that his next single, “Trollz,” would feature Nicki Minaj. Among the mass of social media, the reception of the song’s announcement was mixed as some fans questions why Nicki received a worse response compared to Akon, while others used the song as an additional reason for being fed up with Tekashi. With the reactions dissipating for the time being, Tekashi and Nicki have delivered the song as promised.

The single, which was originally set to be released on May 29, was delayed “out of respect” for the George Floyd protests taking place all over the country. Prior to its release, Tekashi and Minaj revealed that proceeds from the single would be donated to The Bail Project Inc., a fund that “provides free bail assistance to low-income individuals who can’t afford to pay bail while awaiting their trial,” as Minaj said in an Instragram post. Paired with a music video that finds him in the same colorful setup as his “Gooba” single, Tekashi and Nicki have a blast with a pool, some cereal, money, and few other models.


Moments before the song’s arrival, Nicki further explained why she worked with Tekashi citing a difference between “street n****s” and “rappers.” The single also followed Tekashi’s accusations against Billboard where he said they were manipulating their charts, blocking him from a top-2 position on the singles charts.

Press play on the video above to hear “Trollz.”