Video Shows Tekashi 69 Allegedly Taunting Boxer Gervonta Davis At A Miami Nightclub

Things have been rather quiet for Tekashi 69 since the release of his album Tattle Tales, which arrived back in September. The project failed to meet the rapper’s lofty expectations, peaking at only No. 4 on the Billboard charts. Nearly three months later, the rapper lands in the headlines once again, but not because of his music. It’s because a video shows him taunting boxer Gervonta Davis at a club in Miami recently.

Tekashi was at the nightclub along with his girlfriend and a small entourage. At some point, he and Gervonta run into each other and the encounter produces quite the awkward moment. A bit later, Tekashi can be seen throwing money at the boxer in what looks like an attempt to taunt him. Another clip shows him yelling at Gervonta, but the loud music drown out his words. But no fight ever breaks out and they eventually go their separate ways.

Gervonta seemed to respond to the situation shortly after in a pair of Instagram posts. The first one seemed to call the rapper “Snitchk” and the second post read, “You get hit for just being around a mf… but who am I!”

The incident occurred less than two weeks after Hulu premiered a surprise documentary on Tekashi 69 entitled, 69: The Saga Of Danny Hernandez.