Tekashi 69’s Ex-Girlfriend Doesn’t Want Him To See Their Daughter

Tekashi 69 reportedly wants to finish the remainder of his prison sentence at home but if a judge grants his request, he won’t be able to see his daughter if the child’s mother Sara Molina has her say. TMZ writes that Molina maintains that 69 won’t be allowed to visit because she sees him as a safety risk after he testified against his old crew last year in exchange for a shorter sentence.

Besides that obvious sticking point, Molina has a laundry list of criteria for Tekashi to meet before she’ll allow him to see their four-year-old daughter Saraiyah. She says she wants him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and prove that he actually cares about her and their daughter. She says that he had previously shown more interest in his flashy rapper lifestyle than in being any kind of a family man — she can’t even contact him through his lawyers, she says, because they won’t return her calls.

She insists that she isn’t looking for money, either — he can keep it, but he’ll need to prove that he’s really changed thanks to his ordeal behind bars. During the trial, it was discovered that the rapper also has another child, so it seems he’ll need to find a way to reconcile that new information with his second chance, as well. He has two years to go on his sentence, during which time he’s reportedly working on a new album.

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