The Weeknd Shifts Perspective In A Female-Focused Alternate Video For ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Back in the summer of 2015, The Weeknd’s career was reaching star status. He’d laced a No. 1 single with “The Hills” and was just weeks away from sharing his second album, Beauty Behind The Madness. That project would go on to be his first chart-topping album, but before it arrived The Weeknd graced the world with what would be his second No. 1 single, “Can’t Feel My Face.”

More than six years after the world received that track, the singer has returned with an alternate video for the song, one that shifts the perspective to another character in the story. In the new visual, the camera keeps much of its focus on a female companion that captures The Weeknd’s attention from start to finish.

The woman in question is presumably the person The Weeknd sings about in the song as he alludes to their relationship with lines like, “She told me ‘Don’t worry'” and “She told me, ‘You’ll never be alone.'” Altogether the new visual is quite sensual, and it turns out that the video is one the singer hoped to use for the song before it was sidelined due to a “shift in creative direction,” according to a press release.

The Weeknd’s alternate “Can’t Feel My Face” video comes after he joined Kanye West and Lil Baby on “Hurricane” and released the trailer for his upcoming Super Bowl halftime show documentary. The upcoming film brings viewers behind the scenes of his performance for February’s Super Bowl game.

You can press play on the alternate video for “Can’t Feel My Face” above.