The Weeknd Teased A Music Video After A Fan Asked How He Felt About The ‘Dawn FM’ One-Year Anniversary

The Weeknd owned the first major drop of 2022 — a year marked by A-list album releases — with Dawn FM on January 7. He ended 2022 on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences Best Original Song shortlist for “Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength),” his contribution to the Avatar: The Way Of Water soundtrack.

The Weeknd squeezed plenty of other notable things in the intervening months, such as embarking on his After Hours Til Dawn Tour and hyping up The Idol, but it appears he will start 2023 by looping back to how he started 2022.

Over the last 24 hours, the diamond-certified artist has posted a 2022 collage and an After Hours Til Dawn Tour hype video with the caption, “xo bout to F*ck up 2023.” In response to the video, one fan tweeted, “dawn fm almost a year old, how do you feel?” The Weeknd responded, “i feel istheresomeoneelsemusicvideo-ish.”

“Is There Someone Else?” is the 10th of 16 Dawn FM tracks. The lovesick, paranoid slow-burner received a lyric video upon Dawn FM‘s release, and The Weeknd performed it as part of his “The Weeknd x The Dawn FM Experience” Amazon special in March. But it’s safe to assume that “Is There Someone Else?” will soon get the full cinematic treatment. The Jim Carrey- and Hoyeon Jung-assisted “Out Of Time” video set the bar high, but The Weeknd never has trouble exceeding the standard.