Tierra Whack Admits She Doesn’t Always ‘Feel Good’ On Her Melancholy New Songs

Tierra Whack’s latest single, “Feel Good,” finds the undefinable Philadelphia artist in an introspective mood, admitting that fame isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Over a dreamy but melancholy backdrop, Whack wonders, “Why would I lie and say I feel good when I don’t feel good?” Although the track is short — clocking in at around 100 seconds — Tierra proved she can pack a lot of emotional content into a relatively short space with her breakout project Whack World two years ago and it looks like that gift hasn’t dulled with her time away.

Whack also released the song “Peppers And Onions” today, addressing “the pros and the cons of bein’ the bomb.” Despite being more upbeat than “Feel Good,” with a bouncy beat full of perky whistling and tongue-clicks, it’s a subtle commentary on the imperfections of being human and especially a celebrity. “Even though we buy chains, we just wanna be free,” she raps. “I don’t wanna be judged, I just wanna be me.”

Premiering the songs on Apple Music today, she told Zane Lowe, “All these good things were happening for me, but at the same time it was happening so fast I wasn’t able to take it all in. So I feel like everything is like a gift and a curse”

She continued, “I got to just reflect on everything that I had did prior, and I just was like, wow, I really need to be happier. I deserve to be happy. I should be happy. There’s no reason I should not be happy. Because for a minute I was feeling like I just didn’t know what to feel. I was confused. I’m seeing everybody around me was excited and happy for me, but I didn’t feel happy inside, and I didn’t know why.”

Listen to “Feel Good” and “Peppers And Onions” above.