Tierra Whack Cooked Up A New Culinary-Themed Video For ‘Unemployed’ — Complete With Talking Potatoes

When you watch those cooking shows where a well-known celebrity chef tells you how to create something that looks way better than you’ll ever be able to make, you try to mimic it. When Tierra Whack, one of hip-hop’s rising stars, creates cooking-themed videos, they inspire you a little differently. In the newly released video for “Unemployed,” Tierra takes a stab at cheffin’ it up for some… potatoes.

Actually, let’s take it a step further, she’s actually cutting and cooking potatoes up into various potato-themed dishes to serve to talking, eating, cannibal potatoes who are eating their own kind. In the Zane Lowe-produced track, Tierra shows off her creativity, something that she’s been doing over her recent climb to the top. Not only is her style new and fresh, but it’s also witty and entertaining to a genre that seems to have a lot of similar sounds. The video took a different approach by debuting on Adult Swim, the TV network for young adults.

While the song debuted last month, Tierra has been pushing out new music, and videos, at a crazy rate. What she called “Whack History Month,” allowed fans to hear a new song every week. Not only is she doing Late Night appearances but she’s also getting ready to perform at Coachellaa and the New York Red Bull Music Festival, too. It’s safe to say that Tierra has officially arrived.