Tinashe Asks 6lack To Meet Her In The Middle Of Their Relationship On ‘Touch & Go’

Tinashe, now independent after a run with RCA Records, is back with a new track, “Touch & Go:” with 6lack, as her impending album Songs For You nears its unannounced release date after being announced last month.

Tinashe and 6lack swap juxtaposing verses, with the former pleading with the latter to “meet me in the middle” of their relationship, while 6lack hears Tinashe out to close out his verse and the song.

“Wish you would say somethin’ to make me change my mind, got me feelin’ like somebody else,” Tinashe says in the first verse. “I been so patient with you but you won’t act right / and I’m tired of sleepin’ by myself / What is we on? Boy, somethin’ is wrong / show me you want me too.”

6lack admits to “kickin’ it back” and cooling on the relationship lately while rapping in the second verse, admitting that the most communication he and Tinashe have is while in bed. “Good head make you forget what you said,” he says.

Tinashe closes out the song with her chorus, asking 6lack to help her fix the relationship, to stop putting his peace over hers, and to meet her in the middle.

Listen to “Touch & Go” in its entirety in the clip above.