Tory Lanez’ Damning Jail Phone Call Was Released And It’s Changing Some Fans’ Minds About The Outcome Of The Trial

Last week, Tory Lanez was convicted of assault, negligently discharging a firearm, and illegal possession of that firearm after being accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the feet in 2020. During the week-long trial, the jury heard from witnesses including Megan Thee Stallion herself and a local resident of the neighborhood in which the shooting occurred, as well as the recorded statement from Meg’s friend Kelsey Harris and a jail phone call from Lanez to Harris in which Tory appears to apologize for the shooting.

Now, after the trial concluded, some of that evidence has become public record after the audio from Tory’s jail call surfaced online. Although Tory’s defense tried to portray the call as the rapper apologizing for allegedly pitting the two friends against each other, the jury saw it as a damning admission of guilt. Along with Harris’ testimony, it was enough to convince them that he had pulled the trigger. While some observers had remained skeptical of the reporting of the trial by reputable outlets such as Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times, preferring to be informed by unlicensed gossip blogs, it appears that with this information becoming widely available, perceptions are beginning to shift on social media, where Megan Thee Stallion was dragged through the mud in attempts to discredit her on behalf of the accused.

The veracity of the audio recording has been confirmed by reporters who were present for the trial, including Law Crime News’ Meghann Cuniff, who has acquired the cheeky nickname “Meghann Thee Reporter” on Twitter for her work during the trial. Meanwhile, Tory Lanez awaits sentencing after being convicted; he faces up to 22 years in prison and deportation back to Canada.