Tory Lanez Held A Wild Streaming Party With A Justin Bieber Sing-Off And A Twerking Contest

The coronavirus pandemic and its resulting social distancing measures have led to a surplus of homemade entertainment from a number of celebrities. Recently, Guapdad 4000 kicked off his collaborative rap series, Rona Raps, with fellow rapper Buddy. Neil Diamond also remixed his classic, “Sweet Caroline,” into a coronavirus PSA. DJ D-Nice turned his Instagram live into a worldwide dance party while Erykah Badu held a livestreamed concert from her bedroom filled with a number of songs from her catalog.

Joining in on the trend, Tory Lanez took to his Instagram live to deliver some entertainment to his fans and, to say the least, viewers were very entertained.

A surprise to many in the live stream, Bryson Tiller kicked off the show with an entertaining rendition of Panic! At The Disco’s classic song, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” Justin Bieber would later join the livestream where he and Lanez engaged in a sing-off to the delight of viewers, but that wasn’t all Tory had in store for viewers. Legendary producer Timbaland would also join the live to make a toast with Tory to having a good time in life.

Lanez then commenced a twerk contest, calling on a number of his female followers to join in on the competition. Throwing his announcer hat on, Lanez cheered on each contestant from start to finish as they performed. The livestream session comes a month after Tory announced his departure from Interscope in addition to his upcoming mixtape The New Toronto 3.

To watch clips from his out-of-control livestream, press play on the videos above.