Tracy Morgan Telling Stories About Prince Is As Crazy As You Could Imagine

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It’s been nearly a week since Prince died and now we may finally have the definitive remembrance of him and it comes courtesy of Tracy Morgan. The comedian, who is back on the road after the near-fatal accident he was involved in last year, recently spoke to Billboard about the music icon. He had been a diehard fan since hearing 1999 and considered the Purple One and Michael Jackson to be the soundtrack of his life. Prince’s song, “Condition of the Heart” helped Morgan get through the death of his father in 1987 and was “the last song I said, ‘Dad, listen to this!’ And my father said, ‘That’s a good record.’ ”

Of course, this being Tracy Morgan, some kind of wild story had to be included.

“About seven years ago, I went to a party at Prince’s house in Los Angeles. We had to take a bus there — Jennifer Lopez, everybody was on this bus — and Prince performed with his band in the living room. The liquor was flowing and everybody was getting nice. At the end of the night, me and my boy Bradley were drunk. We had these two girls on the sofa and we were talking, joking, laughing. Prince and his wife came downstairs and they had on purple pajamas. He said, “Tracy, get the f– out!” As I walked out the door, I grabbed him by the back of the neck and I pulled him close to me. I noticed that mole on his face — he was so pretty, I turned gay for about five seconds — and I said, “My father loved ‘When Doves Cry.’ ” And he said, “Yeah, yeah. Just get the f– out.”

Morgan also shared a much briefer tale about hanging out with Prince and Andre 3000 in Los Angeles and how Prince “was down to earth; regular, no cheese, no pepperoni — just a slice and a Coke.” He added that Prince “was shining like new money,” which I can confidently say is the first time I have ever heard someone described that way, but it also makes complete sense, hence the genius of Morgan.

And then we’ll just leave it with this:

Prince’s music taught me how to suck t*tties! He taught me how to be gentle. Because of him, I once sucked a t*tty for an hour. At the end, it looked like a tater tot.

I love Prince.

You know what, Tracy Morgan? I feel the exact same way.

(Via Billboard)