The Trailer For Lifetime’s Whitney Houston Biopic Isn’t The Trainwreck We Expected It To Be

The folks at Lifetime really have a taste for bringing unauthorized biographical stories to TV. To this date, we’ve gotten The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, The Brittany Murphy Story and Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B to name a few.

For their next biographical venture, Lifetime partnered with Angela Bassett who went and directed a movie about Whitney Houston. From E! News:

Bassett, who worked with the late singer on Waiting to Exhale, told E! News she wants viewers to go on the journey of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston.

“I just want them to go on the journey between Whitney and Bobby. I considered it a love story…I guess they had great business between them. They were there to love and care for one another, and it was quite a journey,” she said.

This is Angela Bassett’s directorial debut, so it remains to be seen what to expect. This is the story is she picked, though, so clearly it speaks to her on some personal level.

Last week, I made the conscious decision to pick Lifetime’s An En Vogue Christmas for my viewing entertainment. After taking that journey, this trailer for Whitney doesn’t look THAT bad. Way to set the bar low, Lifetime. Whitney stars Yaya DaCosta and is set to premiere for your hate-watching pleasure on Saturday, January 17th.

(Source: E! News/YouTube)