Travis Scott Reportedly Denies Responsibility For Astroworld Tragedies And Seeks To Dismiss Lawsuits

It’s been about a month since a deadly crowd surge during Travis Scott’s set at his Astroworld festival in Houston injured hundreds and resulted in ten deaths. Since then, hundreds of lawsuits have been brought against both Scott and festival organizers. While Scott has offered to pay for funeral expenses (which half of the families refused), the rapper has now reportedly filed court documents that deny all responsibility in one of the lawsuits.

Per a recent report from TMZ, Scott is first seeking to have the lawsuits against him dismissed before attempting to fight them in court. The rapper allegedly just filed new court documents through his lawyer which deny the claims brought against him by plaintiff Jessie Garcia, who alleges they were in the crowd the night of the Astroworld tragedies. Essentially, the court documents ask a judge to dismiss the lawsuit permanently and issues a “general denial,” which denies all claims brought against him and his Cactus Jack label by Garcia.

TMZ’s report goes on to claim that Scott plans on issuing a similar response to all other Astroworld lawsuits brought against him, which there have been many of, and a new motion filed last week might make that a bit easier for him to do. The attorneys for both the victims and the festival filed a joint petition for the 275 lawsuits (representing over 1,200 people) to be combined into a multi-district litigation that would be handled by one judge.