A Travis Scott Fan Supposedly Managed To Sneak Backstage And Get Quite The View Of A Concert

Travis Scott has become one of the world’s biggest performers, meaning that if you want to see him live, it probably won’t be inexpensive. One fan apparently found a way to get in, and get the best seat in the house, for free, though: Just sneak in.

In a video shared on TikTok earlier this week, a man shows off his journey of getting into Scott’s performance at Rolling Loud Europe in Vienna, Austria on Sunday, July 7. It was pretty simple, really: He just sported an orange vest and some gaffer tape as he confidently integrated himself with event staff, before eventually finding his way to the side of the stage to watch Scott’s performance up close.

After the performance, he even visited Scott’s dressing room and snagged himself a bit of food.

What’s critical to note, though, is that this video comes from Saint Léon, a Paris-based content creator who has over 125,000 followers and millions of views on TikTok. So, given Léon’s influencer status, it’s not impossible that at least some element of what’s going on here was set up or approved by Scott’s team, since it’s ultimately free publicity for the rapper.

Either way, check out the video above.