Cher Is ‘Proud’ Of Her Boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, Saying He Didn’t Start The Cannes Fight WIth Travis Scott But ‘Finished It’

Cher is generally unfazed by the criticism of her relationship with Alexander “AE” Edwards, a Universal Music Group executive who is 40 years younger than the 78-year-old impending Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2024 inductee. Cher is also unfazed by Edwards’ decision to fight Travis Scott and Southside at Cannes last month.

“I’m Proud of Alexander,” Cher wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, June 1, and yes, Cher’s erratic capitalization remains unedited for effect. “He Didn’t Start The fight Against 2 Men,… He finished it, Gotta Love Him.”

TMZ reported the physical altercation, complete with grainy video footage, and cited unnamed witnesses who claimed that Edwards “was the instigator, as he ran up on stage and initiated physical contact” with Scott at Richie Akiva’s annual amFAR The After party on May 23. Last week, TMZ caught up with Edwards at Los Angeles International Airport, where Edwards (sort of) clarified what actually happened.

“Shout-out Southside,” Edwards said. “That’s my n****. I know he was defending his boy and doing what he was supposed to be doing as his boy. I don’t got no hard feelings. It is what it is. It went how it went. That’s it.”

Edwards explained that he “doesn’t wanna fight” and denied initiating but acknowledged “I’m gonna protect myself and my people.” He also assured any concerned fans that Cher was not upset, using Future and Metro Boomin’s “GTA” as a reference point when describing Cher’s reaction: “Like Future say, ‘Whatever I’m with, my b*tch with it, too.’ My woman, but the lyrics are the lyrics.”

TMZ’s original report relayed that “the fight started after both Travis and Tyga were on stage behind the DJ booth,” and Scott appeared to become upset after Richie Akiva told the crowd, “We got T-Raww, AE, and Travis in the building” — “possibly a Kylie Jenner exes thing.” Edwards is a close friend of Tyga’s.