Travis Scott’s McDonald’s Collab Is Confusing Some Elderly Employees: ‘What’s A Travis Scott?’

Travis Scott’s McDonald’s collaboration is causing fan frenzies and bringing his supporters out in droves to acquire the otherwise mundane meal, but it looks like not everyone is excited about Cactus Jack’s crossover with the food giant. According to a profile of the collaboration in GQ, some McDonald’s employees had to have the entire concept explained to them after wondering, “What’s a Travis Scott?”

Naturally, these were older employees, likely the ones way outside the target demographic for the promotion, which is the chain’s way of jumpstarting sales after a slow first quarter blamed mainly on the pandemic. The manager at a Utah location said, “We have a few older [crew members] with us and they say, ‘What is a Travis Scott?’ And we try to explain, he’s a rapper, blah blah blah.” She was introduced to the Houston rapper’s music through her young son and has since been fielding calls about the promotion, which she says both customers and employees “are really excited about.”

Such is the feeding frenzy for the rapper’s merch with McDonald’s that one woman even offered to buy an employee’s shirt “for her son.” Stores were sent a special uniform to wear for the duration of the promotion, which lasts until October, but some stores still reportedly hadn’t received their merchandise by GQ‘s press time. And yes, those memes you’ve seen on Twitter seem to be pretty accurate. An Orange County manager reported that an unusually busy Tuesday was populated mainly by young kids, teens, and early-20-somethings, all scrambling to get their hands on a menu item, that would normally require like three extra button presses at the interactive kiosk. It doesn’t even come with a toy!

It is, indeed, lit.

Check out Travis’ co-branded McDonald’s merchandise here.