Travis Scott Stars (As An Action Figure) In A McDonald’s Commercial For His New Meal

After days of rumors, McDonalds and Travis Scott recently confirmed that they are in fact collaborating. The two announced the Travis Scott Meal would be available at the restaurant soon, and McDonald’s promised that news would be “the first of many surprises and new releases planned with Travis in the coming weeks.” The meal is available starting today (September 8), and Scott appears in a new commercial for it, bringing back the action figure version of himself from his Rodeo album art.

The ad begins with a shot of a McDonald’s meal on a tray before the plastic Scott lands in frame, saying, “What’s up, world? Yeah, you! I’m Travis Scott, and this is my McDonald’s order.” He then walks through the meal, which features a Quarter Pounder sandwich with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, as well as fries with barbecue dipping sauce, and a Sprite. He continues, “Same order since back in Houston, and you can try it, too.” Scott ends the spot by saying the campaign’s slogan, which McDonald’s also tweeted today: “Say Cactus Jack sent you.”

What else is set to emerge from this campaign is yet to be seen. While rumors suggested there would be exclusive merch, McDonald’s confirmed that Scott designed custom clothes for McDonald’s restaurant employees to wear during the promotion. So, it is unconfirmed whether or not some sort of Scott/McDonald’s merch will be available for consumer purchase, or what else might be on the way.

Whatever the case, watch the new ad above.