Travis Scott And McDonald’s Drop An Eclectic Merch Collection And Fans Have Thoughts

After a lot of rumors, McDonald’s and Travis Scott confirmed that they were collaborating. The partnership began with the “Travis Scott Meal,” which is essentially a Quarter Pounder With Cheese meal with a few tweaks. Before everything was made official, it was believed that Scott and McD’s would drop some exclusive merch, although it was initially only confirmed that McDonald’s employees would get different uniforms. Now, though, Scott and McDonald’s have dropped a merch collection, and it’s a big one.

The majority of the collection (available for purchase now on Scott’s website) is made up of T-shirts, along with other clothing items like hoodies, shorts, pants, hats, and socks. The collection goes a bit deeper than most merch does in terms of clothing, though, as there are also a basketball uniform and a tie.


What’s most interesting, though, is the non-clothes offerings, which go beyond the scope of typical merch offerings. There are three different rugs, a basketball, styrofoam cups, a lunch box, blankets, a tray, a cardboard cutout of the Scott action figure, and even a McNugget-shaped body pillow.

It’s quite the collection overall, and the more head-turning items are generating some reactions online. Most immediately, people aren’t sure what to think about the McNugget pillow.

Then there are those who aren’t keen on the collection overall:

That said, there have also been plenty of positive reactions:

Find some more Twitter reactions below.