Travis Scott Returned To Instagram To Tease His Next Project, ‘Utopia,’ With Some Headphones

The end of 2021 turned nightmarish for Travis Scott after his signature Astroworld festival led to the deaths of nine people, including a nine-year-old boy who was trampled to death. A crowd surge when Drake showed up to the festival resulted in the stampede, and security was unable to handle the surges. Since the tragedy, Travis has made it clear he didn’t know what was happening at the time, and tried to make things right by helping families with the funeral costs — but many have refused.

The rapper has been mostly laying low on social media since the event, but is apparently going forward with working on his Utopia album while the ongoing lawsuits for Astroworld are mounting. Last week, one of his producers let fans know that Travis was still working on the project, and he all but confirmed that last night in a series of posts on his Instagram story.

Along with a contemplative beach shot (he was reportedly in Cabo working on the record, according to his producer Wheezy), Scott also shared photos of what looks like customized Utopia headphones, a pretty clear sign that the album is definitely in the works, and possibly close to done. It will be interesting to see how new music goes down with fans following the festival’s tragic situation. Check out the photos below.

Travis Scott Cabo Utopia
Travis Scott Headphones
Travis Scott Utopia Headphones