Jonah Hill Directed Travis Scott’s New Black-And-White ‘Wake Up’ Video, And It’s Surreal

Back in April, Jonah Hill decided to give Travis Scott a birthday cake with his own face on it. The two seem to be good friends, and now they are forging a professional relationship as well: Scott just shared a new video for “Wake Up,” and it was directed by Hill. The black-and-white clip shows Scott walking around a mansion, surrounded by bodies. As he explores the house further, things get surreal, as he and other objects begin floating around the estate.

This is Hill’s second high-profile music video in recent days, as he directed Vampire Weekend’s clip for “Sunflower.” Furthermore, he might be working on something with Gucci Mane as well.

Sevn Thomas, one of the track’s producers, previously said that ‘Wake Up’ was originally supposed to be on The Weeknd’s 2018 EP My Dear Melancholy, but it found its way onto Scott’s Astroworld instead: “What happened was [producer Frank Dukes] repurposed the melodies and added a bridge to it, and that’s how it got on Astroworld. […] Basically, it was supposed to be on My Dear Melancholy, but like I said before: it’s the process of elimination. I understand how projects work and it just didn’t fit with the body of Melancholy, so I completely understood it. Thankfully Frank came into the picture and repurposed it, and it made perfect sense for Travis to have it.”

Watch the video for “Wake Up” above, and read our review of Astroworld here.