Trey Songz Criticizes Trump As He Reveals His Own Coronavirus Diagnosis

R&B star Trey Songz has tested positive for coronavirus, according to a video he posted to Instagram in which he implores fans to take the virus seriously and criticizes Donald Trump’s response to contracting the virus himself.

“Here with a very important message to let you know I tested positive for COVID-19,” he says. “I’ve taken many tests as I’ve been out protesting, food drives, of course, I have a very young son at home, so I get tested periodically and this time it, unfortunately, came back positive. I will be taking this seriously. I will be self-quarantining. I will be in my house until I see a negative sign.”

Trey notes that his grandfather died earlier this year from he believes was an undiagnosed case of COVID-19, warning viewers to take precautions. “I’ve always taken it serious, and if you come into contact with COVID, please do the same.” He concludes the video with an example of what not to do, saying, “Don’t be like the president.”

The shot at Trump refers to the former game show host’s insistence on leaving Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after receiving treatment for COVID-19 for a photo op, then posing for another photo mask-less at the White House. This was, of course, after Trump spent several months purposely downplaying the severity of the virus and who continues to do so despite contracting it himself.

Trey Songz recently released the song “2020 Riots: How Many Times” before being accused of sexual misconduct.

Trey Songz is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.