Trippie Redd Swayed His Record Label To Donate Half A Million Dollars To Fight Inequality

As protests concerning police brutality and the murder of George Floyd continue across all 50 states, musicians are banding together to raise funds for charity in a number of ways. Many artists are pledging funds from Bandcamp to benefit Black Lives Matter organizations, while more wealthy musicians like Kanye West offered millions to charity. Trippie Redd took a different approach and applied pressure to his own record label to step up to the plate, and he was successful.

Trippie’s record label, 10k Projects, announced they are creating a charitable arm of their organization and committing to funnel $500,000 to various projects over the next five years. Trippie commended his label’s commitment, saying he was the one who pressured them. “won’t sit back and let things happen to my people knowing I’m around people with good hearts and souls that have no problem helping the cause,” he wrote.

Announcing the philanthropic act on social media, 10k Projects said they are forming the project to focus on combatting racist policies while also creating opportunities for young Black creatives and supporting Black-owned businesses:

“We have committed to spend $500,000 over the next five years on 10K Together. 10K Together will donate $25,000 to Color of Change, the online racial justice organization, establish and finance an intern program to empower black youth at 10K Projects, and make a commitment to support black-owned businesses in Los Angeles.”

Read 10k Projects’ full statement above.