Atlanta Rapper Trouble Says He’d Let Drake Sleep With His Wife In Exchange For A Feature

Hip-hop is a genre that’s rife with misogyny and sexism, drawbacks to an otherwise dynamic and powerful art form that has shaped pop culture for the better part of the last three decades. Still, those flaws persist despite the great strides the genre has otherwise taken to progress its image and benefit the good of more people. Case in point: Atlanta rapper Trouble, who appears to have had a difficult time gaining traction after some early career successes, just made a gross proposition in an attempt to garner some attention.

Hoping that the so-called “Drake Effect” could help jump-start his career, Trouble responded to a sleazy poll comedian Lil Duval posted to Twitter: “Would you let Drake f*ck your wife for a feature?” “Those hoes for da streets so yea,” he replied. After his initial response drew some unfavorable attention on Instagram, he doubled down in the comments of a post revealing his answer. “Why not?” he asked. “They gon f*kk em for free anyway if he slide in her DM.” He then reasoned, “Y’all soft azz n****z dont reply to me eitha. You’ll neva understand ah street n**** mental.”


Ummm, yeah. I guess. While Trouble’s comments reveal what looks like a serious lack of trust in his relationships and a low opinion of women in general (seriously, guy, therapy. And take Lil Duval with you), it’s not a hypothetical he’d ever have to explore in reality. Drake previously did collaborate with him on his Mike Will Made-It-produced debut album Edgewood in 2018 on the song “Bring It Back.” It’s easily his most-viewed track on YouTube, but considering the lukewarm reception for Edgewood and its 2020 follow-up Thug Luv, perhaps the veteran rapper could work on making more appealing tunes while he works on his regressive views instead of banking on big-name features.